Go Team India!

As most of you may already know that Cricket World Cup is going on in India, and Indian team has done wonderfully well and made it to the finals.. Yaayyyyy!!!  Cricket is considered a religion in India, we Indians are totallyy crazy about it! The celebrations were out of this world when we beat Pakistan in the Semis two days ago.

Tomorrow is the finals of the world cup and India is going to play against Sri-Lanka. Millions of prayers and my lil card would sure help our Team win!
I made a quilled pattern of the world cup 2011 logo. I am glad it came out so good! I totally love the bright ribbons!

Team India..I love you! 


  1. wishes must brings result.INDIA will surely beat SHRI LANKA.ur card is worth appreciation.congratualations to all the INDIANS settled in US. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH .

  2. very colorful card, love it!,excited for you!

  3. excellent! loved the quilling!!! am sure india would win!!

  4. Thanks Mother :), Paula :) and Karuna :) I am keeping all my fingers crossed!

  5. we won! :D
    amazing card!.. totally fab!.. and bright!.. love it! :D

  6. wonderful.. The logo ball is awesome !


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