Happiness :)

I have been super lazy for the last couple of days...but thats okayy!
Spring is here so is happiness :) . Today I spent some quiet time in my patio enjoying the lovely weather and planting flowers in my tiny lil corner. Here is a picture , I like the tiny frogs I put to take care of my plants. :D lol

Here is card I made using cute paper doily. The wine glasses look super amazing!
Oh my Gosh...I didn't realize I used pink and yellow again!

Next week is my blogoversary and I'd love to celebrate it with you all...:) I am planning a pink and yellow candy! Stayyy tuned! 

Keep smiling :)


  1. Love the little plat corn and the little frogs. Love the card to nice work!!!!!

  2. wedding card ,wine glasses ,ur plant corner &the little frogs all are amazing........wow!


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