You keep me going!

Thanks Tilly's Treasure for passing me on the blog award! Feels so good!

Just finished working on two collages - that was a custom order for a friend of mine.
I really like the concept of using pictures on cards , that adds such a nice personal touch!
I make sure to email the pictures to my customers before I finally send out the cards. That makes them really happy coz it gives them a chance to modify anything they dont feel really happy about and also they so much look forward to the cards after having a sneak peek at the draft version.

Thats such a beautiful birthday message for a mom!

Thats the closer look at the quilled pattern.

A huge Thank you to all my crafty friends and those special customers. You all keep me going :)


  1. Oh my!! i so loved your collages! i have never such lovely scrapbookign mixed with quilling.... i like the idea and maybe soon would love to try making a collage for mom.... wait moms day is around in may :)

  2. Great designs - I'm sure your customers will be thrilled!

  3. Really lovely cards, love the way you combined scrapbooking with quilling, they are so well together!

  4. Thanks Karuna :)
    Sure! try it out..I m sure you would do a wonderful job. Will wait for the picture :)

  5. Thanks so much
    <3 u all my dear crafty frends :)

  6. Really lovely cards, love the way you combined scrap-booking with are so gifted!!


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