My pretty yellow daffodils!

My husband got me these cute daffodils over the weekend :). Arnt they the prettiest thing ever! I wake up each morning to see them smiling at me.
That makes my day brighter...and it reminds me that how ever hard my day is going to be , there is happiness and beauty to enjoy right next to me :)

A quick card I made yesterday - my friend requested for one. The design is inspired by the nail art pattern I am wearing right now :) lol

Rise and Shine :)


  1. Beautiful Daffodils, and Lovely card!!!!!

  2. Daffodils are such happy flowers!

    Your cards a very pretty!

    xo Catherine

  3. preety husbend brings apretty flowers for apretty wife.god bless you both with pretty wishes.card is also very pretty.keep it up all pretty things in ur life.


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