Its a sign ~

Over the past few months, I had been spending a lot of time and money on cabs travelling to my workplace and back. It was a total pain to bear the taxi drivers each day.... But I kept at it, coz I had a kind of subconscious fear of taking a bus.. But one fine day..I built up the courage and explored travelling by bus..Gosh! It was so easy...and now I wonder all day long y was'nt I doing that before! 

I think when we stay safe inside our comfort zones, we limit ourselves to experiencing things we already know.
So next time when you experience that queasy feeling of stepping out, don’t shy away from it ...
Thats a sign!!

Explore the world around, welcome it with open arms with a smile on your face! :)

Here is a quilled pattern I made today....Quilling is my second being the first ;)

Rise and Shine!


  1. Lovely card!
    Loved your words, I'm also in my own comfort zone, I have shyed away from people, but that will end soon because I will be getting out in the public to sell my quilling. Glad you overcame the bus ride!

  2. Thanks Paula :)
    Make an account on, if you dont have one yet!
    Wish you the best :)
    Hugs <3

  3. Good to hear that! i know tht feeling too and it take time to come out n shine and am glad u did :) and yet another lovely creation btw where do you stay?

  4. Thanks Karuna. I am currently in Minneapolis, but I am basically from Chandigarh!
    Thanks for the comments <3

  5. my brave girl,i am glad to hear this.god bless you beautiful card .

  6. Thanks Mother :)
    Thank u Katrin :)

  7. Terrific content you've right here.


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