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Love is in the air!

We are now in the month of February - that means it's almost Valentine's Day!
Sometimes you really cant express what you feel - thats where cards come handy! And nothing can beat the handmade ones. The love and care they show is priceless!
I did a couple of cards on the weekend with lots of hearts and bows - I totally loved it.

 Dont miss to make your loved ones feel special this Valentines!


  1. A lovely, fresh design - it looks great!

  2. lovely .this is new .i like quilling too but just a beginner.when you are free visit trimcraft

  3. These are fabulous, I love them! Do you mind if I link to these from my blog? I'm a new blogger but want to share beautiful things, including quilling since I love to quill too.

    Let me know if that's ok?
    craftandsmile @

  4. Sure Fio. I will be more than happy :)

    Smiles :)

  5. woa! beautiful the card depict heart touching feelings


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