One Life!

Came across this beautiful and really motivating stuff, wanted to share with ya'll -

"Do what you want to do ,
Be what you want to be, 
Go where you want to go 
'coz u have one Life and 
One chance to do all that you want in life".

Check out the baby shower card I made recently for a friend’s cousin. I used some cute puffy stickers and my fav lace punch here. This is the first time I used bigger buttons on my card – they look so cool. Aww! I forgot to take the picture of the inside of the card :( I had put the other pair of shoe sticker in there - it looked so cute. 

Stay happy, stay Inspired ! 

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. awwee.. super cute card!.. love the colours! :)

  2. Thanks Spardha, Pink and yellow have been my current favs :)


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