Thursday, September 9, 2010

When things fall in place...

The days seem brighter and the world suddenly a prettier place when things fall in place!

I had been dreaming about working on a bulk order and one beautiful day I got an order for a set of 125 baby shower invites from Florida. One of the bestest  feelings ever and sure a memory of a life time!
It was a challenge for me to make a huge lot of cards – cutting those tiny miny carriages and flowers , ribbons and laces and placing them together!

Considering the time in which they had to be delivered, It was definitely not one persons job so I asked my cousins to join in and I am glad that they were very enthusiastic about it.

We spent nights working together! Lots of learning’s happened all this while - 
I totally understood the importance of team work and co-ordination!
Having Positive and happy people around sure doubles up your enthusiasm :)

I was amazed how four of us came up with brilliant creative ideas while our brainstorming sessions continued.


I had put in all my heart into this, they had to come out nice!

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  1. wow!.. those are beautiful!..
    things fall into place with optimism! :))

  2. Wow! Congrats. Must be an overwhelming feeling. These are lovely and mommy darling receiving them would be very happy ams sure.

  3. Awesome work and Team work :) keep it up!!!

  4. Kammal hai jeee...
    Yakeen nahi hota ek computer engineer aur itni talented...

    Dying to celebrate this Occasion..... The first step towards "THE SUCCESS"

    Cheers !!!!

  5. @Spardha - Thanks so much. I totally agree, its all about being positive.
    @Karuna - It is indeed a great feeling. Thanks
    @Ratika - Thanks dear.
    @HIMS - Thank u :) Sure sure, party to banti hai :)

  6. This is so amazing!

  7. wow,Congrats dear.
    Thanku for ur sweet comment on my blog dear.

  8. really it,s amazing wonderful feeling keep it up



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