Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Its time to say Goodbye to Summer and welcome the fall. I am so excited, I love the fall colours!
Bad thing about good thing is that it comes to an end , good thing about bad thing is.. it also comes to an end! - How very true it is!

Here is a colourful card I made for a friend - she wanted it for her fiancee! I totally loved making it, it is similar to the one I have made couple of times before..but this is exactly what she wanted. I am glad it came out nice!

I love the 3D'ness of the card!

Smiles and Cheers!


  1. beautiful card!.. love the denim cut-outs and the pearl wire! :)

  2. Lovely card. I {heart} the bright colors and different textures you have combined in one card.
    And thank you for stopping by my blog.



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