The latest dilemma

There have always been situations in my life when I get confused between little things which drain almost all of my energy - cold coffee or a fruit smoothie, shopping or eating out, pink or a red dress!

I so much want to go dancing, make cards and then this eight hour job - Thats the latest dilemma in my life - what to do and what not to in the time I have after a busy day at work.

So my best friend who also happens to be my husband suggested me to do both whenever I am struck in a situation like this. It is sure an easy but a really expensive option coz I picked a white and a pink dress coz I liked both :P :D

But trust me that is a way better than your thoughts going into a maze and never coming out.

So recently I got back to making cards and I enrolled myself for my fav dance classes - they truly pump me up with energy.

Its the best feeling ever to be doing everything you want to.

So here is a really simple and a neat card - the background is a printed velvety paper with cute lil hearts over it , they are made of eco fi. The inside of the card had a similar heart in the center and rest is left blank.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. lol!.. thats a really good idea!.. i do that tyoo! ;)..
    i loove the colour combi.. and the amazing paper!.. wow! :)

  2. transforming dilemmas into wonderful solutions... gr8 going :)

  3. Thanks Spardha - your comments always make me happy. :)

    Thanks Lalit and Vishal :)


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