Feels good !

Hey guys,

My weekdays have become quite busy and my weekends even more. But trust me it is such a good feeling to be back to work.
I have had the feel of staying at home and doing nothing - just looking out of the window and sipping my fav beverage - that was just so relaxing....but trust me that feels good only for a while :P

Recently, my friend bought the Thank you cards from my etsy store...Yayy! feels nice to be doing something different and feels even better having the world accept it.

The latest addition to my stuff is this cute 'Its a Boy' card , totally in love with it.

Hey, this weekend while coming back home , I happened to stop by the sets of Transformers 3 - check out the pic I clicked with my cell phone.


  1. wow!!.. congrats on the selling!.. and the cute lil new card!.. nd omg!. lucky u! :D

  2. Thank u Spardha - It is always nice to receive compliments from u :)


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