Yet another almost missed flight!

I have a very good track record of almost missed flights.
Hooooof! This was the second one in row, but I have quite a high success rate in situations like this :)
I ran and jumped off the huge security check queue and finally on to the plane.
There were two more people who came in after I boarded the plane..I am not the only one! wowww...what a relief. :D

Check out some more of these car hanging ornaments - though they are the copy of prev ones, but I wanted to post all the stuff I make on my page. I hope you like them all.


  1. wow!.. congrats on catching the flight!.. cute shirts!.. i like the one that says 2 the best! :D

  2. Thanks Spardha, I think i need to try more patterns... repetition is boring!


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