Thursday, October 25, 2012

Count your blessings ~

I have read a lot of quotes on 'count your blessings', 'be thankful for what you have' and stuff! But what I actually saw in real yesterday made me actually count my blessings more than a million times!
There were a group of deaf and dumb school kids who were being offered school bags - They were so happy but they had the most silent laughter - I almost had tears in my eyes when some of the kids came and started touching my feet! My heart actually skipped a beat!
How I thought to myself, It is totally useless to crib on materialistic things in life, those kids made me realize....the most important things in life are NOT things!

A beautiful note from a pretty customer of mine, Damn! I missed to check this before!

And I have been burning midnight lamps..literally to make these diwali lamps! My dad wants to me to make cards for him - feels good :) Here is a sneak peak!

And my all time favorite - fancy envelopes! I never get tired of making them :) I love it how quickly they get taken away!

Eenzy Beenzy

Live in the moment ~

Hello guys,

Life has been moving pretty fast for me since we have moved back to India - My regular day job had never been so hectic, there are days when I actually feel like taking a break from work and just make cards! :P 
Still time to go when I actually do that...till then a reminder to self to live in the moment :)

I love it how it hangs in my room next to the cookie jar! ;) 

Eenzy Beenzy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something just dont feel right ~

Recently my mom sent me pictures of an exhibition they visited and I was surprised to see most of my designed copied totally. I was lil upset initially but then I realized that internet is like an open book - you cannot control who does what!

I recently started selling my stuff to a store close to my home - people seem to be liking my cards! My first attempt at making a quilled peacock feather! Pretty neat for the first time!

Thanks for stopping by,
Eenzy Beenzy

Friday, October 12, 2012

Back after a break..

Life had been so awfully busy - side effects of being surrounded by family ;)
that I wasnt able to login to my blog and have been away from my craft room for weeks now.
For once I do miss my home in Minnepolis when I had all the time in the world to myself.
Anyway - the good news is , all my fancy envelopes are gone.. lots of them to the family , they all loved it. And a few of them in a local store very close to where I stay. The most beautiful feeling! :)

I didnt get a chance to write but our team won the Start up weekend and I designed my first mobile app , met great people and love the way how it our idea was appreciated by everyone! What a wonderful feeling it was!

Here is the link for the event -

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy

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