Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr. Happy Mug

Got lots of new papers...Did I tell you I love paper more than anything else. It may sound crazy but I can spend hours shopping for stationery! I already have a huge collection of pens, and papers and ribbons...but still cant resist buying more!
And my Mr. happy mug is an amused as I am...

Here is a card I made today - 
I started using printer to type the sentiments , it definitely gives a professional look and does make my work faster!

Thanks for stopping by...Have a happy weekend..

Saying Bye.... always hard! 
I waved of good bye to my parents last weekend who were here for a vacation! I am glad they had a beautiful time off and we had such good times with them - those giggles, laughters, travelling, shopping - it was all so much fun!
But then the worst silence follows after...Still trying to fill in that decorating my craft room and working on arranging the quilled stuff they made for me. Here are some quilled flowers my parents made for me - they are already addicted to quilling! lol  

Parents are precious! Never miss an opportunity to make them feel special.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letting go is not giving up ~

I need to let go off some things in Life. 
It was my parents last Wednesday in US. I had plans to take off and spend some quality time with them...but coz of the project deadlines it never happened. The days that followed after were even busier.
Many more days have passed since then, nothing has moved the only thing that annoys me now is I would never gain back that time I wanted to spend with them. 
Just to cheer myself up - I spent my evening decorating my craft room and worked on a personalized birthday card, pic in my next post and these lil quilled bookmarks.

 Make sure you set your priorities in Life ...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Christmas in August ~

It just feels like Christmas..
I am having a gala time with my parents - good food, cakes, celebrations, laughter and loads of shopping...It couldn't get any better!
These are some pretty Christmas ornaments my mom and dad made for me - so many of them that I plan to sell them off. 
Now I exactly know where that creativity in me came from! 

Here is the listing on the Etsy store-

Rise n Shine

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woaaaa ~

My first order from New Zealand! 
A card for a sweet friend of mine, who wanted to suprize her hubby with a personalized birthday card!
She is an RJ with a radio channel in Auckland, NZ - wow! how cool is that.... you get paid to do the talking and listening to music! I would love to do that any day!
Here is the link if you wanna listen to it online -

And I want to dedicate a song to my fav RJ - "Girl you are amazing...just the way you are"!

Love :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joining the dots ~

Its all about joining the dots on your life canvas.
Each time you have a new experience in life you gain an additional dot, and once you have accumulated enough experience dots you can often join the dots and identify your true passion.
This comes from a wonderful speech by Steve Jobs I came across recently -

A custom order for a friend who insisted me to make a personalized calendar she wanted for her husband's birthday. I was lil apprehensive first but I am glad I did. 
She totally loved it and I totally love the idea of personalized calendars!

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