Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The latest dilemma

There have always been situations in my life when I get confused between little things which drain almost all of my energy - cold coffee or a fruit smoothie, shopping or eating out, pink or a red dress!

I so much want to go dancing, make cards and then this eight hour job - Thats the latest dilemma in my life - what to do and what not to in the time I have after a busy day at work.

So my best friend who also happens to be my husband suggested me to do both whenever I am struck in a situation like this. It is sure an easy but a really expensive option coz I picked a white and a pink dress coz I liked both :P :D

But trust me that is a way better than your thoughts going into a maze and never coming out.

So recently I got back to making cards and I enrolled myself for my fav dance classes - they truly pump me up with energy.

Its the best feeling ever to be doing everything you want to.

So here is a really simple and a neat card - the background is a printed velvety paper with cute lil hearts over it , they are made of eco fi. The inside of the card had a similar heart in the center and rest is left blank.

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yet another almost missed flight!

I have a very good track record of almost missed flights.
Hooooof! This was the second one in row, but I have quite a high success rate in situations like this :)
I ran and jumped off the huge security check queue and finally on to the plane.
There were two more people who came in after I boarded the plane..I am not the only one! wowww...what a relief. :D

Check out some more of these car hanging ornaments - though they are the copy of prev ones, but I wanted to post all the stuff I make on my page. I hope you like them all.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feels good !

Hey guys,

My weekdays have become quite busy and my weekends even more. But trust me it is such a good feeling to be back to work.
I have had the feel of staying at home and doing nothing - just looking out of the window and sipping my fav beverage - that was just so relaxing....but trust me that feels good only for a while :P

Recently, my friend bought the Thank you cards from my etsy store...Yayy! feels nice to be doing something different and feels even better having the world accept it.

The latest addition to my stuff is this cute 'Its a Boy' card , totally in love with it.

Hey, this weekend while coming back home , I happened to stop by the sets of Transformers 3 - check out the pic I clicked with my cell phone.

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